Prize Presentation and Fun Day – 2013

Prize Presentation Evening 2013

The 2013 Prize Presentation Evening was held on Saturday 9th March at Wulstan Village Hall. Prizes were awarded for the period 1st October 2011 to 30th September 2012 with exception to the cross country awards which are for the 2012-2013 season.

Our guest speaker was Jean Gough, daughter of Sir Stanley Matthews. Jean gave a lovely speech about her father and the keen interest that he had in running. She also spoke about the work that she does with the Sir Stanley Matthews Foundation, a charity that encourages young people to take part in sport and to achieve through sport. This included her recent trip to South Africa with 25 students from Stoke-on-Trent College to promote sport to the children in South Africa, something that Sir Stanley had been involved with throughout his lifetime.

Thank you to everyone who helped make the evening a success.

The first group of awards for Track & Field recognises the regular attendees and performers at athletic meetings.

2) Track & Field U13 Boy Jacob Droogmans

3) Track & Field U15 Boy Tommy Cuncannon

Track & Field U15 Girl Chloe Lindop

4) Track & Field U17 Girl Charlotte Dale

Track and Field medals for those athletes who competed in all Heart of England fixtures and the County Championships are awarded to: Jacob Droogmans, Chloe Lindop, Charlotte Dale, Hannah Jones

The next group of awards for Cross Country recognises the regular attendees and performers at athletic meetings.

5) Cross Country U11 Boy Sam Lander

Cross Country U11 Girl Misha Twardochleb

6) Cross Country U13 Boy Jacob Droogmans

Cross Country U13 Girl Jenna Jones

7) Cross Country U15 Girl Sophie Goodfellow

8) Cross Country U17 Boy Paul Fradley

It is a shame that the Club didn’t field a complete team in the Birmingham Cross Country League this year. We need more of our male runners to take part. Well done to the following runners who did take part and represented the Club: Martin Bailey, Neil Gerrity, Steve Ratcliffe, Nigel Symms, Tim Twentyman.

11) The ‘Bill Maddocks’ Trophy awarded to the male athlete with the lowest aggregate of points based on the four Birmingham XC League fixtures:

Tim Twentyman – 214 pts

12) The ‘Derek Howarth’ Trophy for the best performance or performances over the marathon distance: This is awarded to both a male and a female runner of the Club.

The male award is for a time of 3.05.45 at the Loch Ness Marathon and is awarded to Steve Ratcliffe.

The female award is for a time of 2.59.03 at the Chester Marathon and is awarded to Michelle Buckle.

14) The ’Ashley’ Trophy awarded for the most promising U20 female performance:

This athlete ran 27seconds for 200m at City of Stoke Open on 26th August 2012. This performance ranks her in her first year as U15 Girl at 107th in the National Rankings and a Grade 3 of the AAA Standards for U15 Girls 200m – The award goes to Chloe Lindop

15) The ‘Ross’ Trophy awarded for the most promising U20 male performance:

This athlete ran 2:02.5 for 800m, breaking the County Record for U15 Boys 800m at the Staffs County Track and Field Championships on 12th May 2012.This is well under the highest Grade 1 of the AAA Standards for U15 Boys. He is ranked 11th fastest U15 Boy in the National Rankings at the 800m in his first season in this age group. He broke the course record with a fantastic run in difficult conditions at Northwood at the beginning of the season and although he subsequently went on to run an even faster time of 2:01.3 at The Trafford Grand Prix on the 4th Sept 2012 we feel his race at the County Championships was a better performance – The award goes to James Fradley

16) The ‘Leeke’ Trophy awarded for the single most outstanding senior female performance:

This athlete ran 1.25.47 for the Potters Arf marathon, ensuring that she won the ladies race. This performance ranks her 6th in her age group Nationally at the half marathon distance and 148th in all age groups – the award goes to Julia Matheson.

17) The ‘Horton’ Trophy awarded for the single most outstanding senior male performance:

This athlete ran 44.17 at the Stone 10K. Some of you may be thinking that other club members have ran faster than that but then you need to remember that this athlete is 71 years old. This performance ranks him 12th in his age group Nationally at the 10K distance – the award goes to Mike Whitmore.

18) The next 3 awards, donated by Peter Goodfellow, are awarded to the top three senior male athletes based on the criteria of their best 9 from 11 results out of following events: North Staffs and Birmingham Leagues plus the County, Midland and National Championships.

1st Tim Twentyman – 474 points

2nd Martin Bailey – 447 points

3rd Neil Gerrity – 421 points

19) Veteran Male XC Runner of the Year (based on the same criteria as the previous category).

This is awarded to Tim Twentyman

20) The ‘Bass’ Trophy for the Female XC Runner of the Year awarded to a senior female athlete based on their best 9 from 11 results out of the following events: North Staffs and Midland Ladies Leagues plus the County, Midland and National Championships.

This is awarded to Hannah Jones

22) The ‘Ansells’ Trophy for the Male Road Runner of the Year based on the best 12 from 20 races using the NSRRA list of events.

This athlete finished 5th in group A with 544 points – the award goes to Mark Flint

23) Veteran Male Road Runner of the Year (based on the same criteria as the previous category).

40 – 49 Years Mark Flint – 1st in 45-49 category 600 points

50 – 59 Years Rob Findler – 6th in 50-54 category 524 points

60 Years + Mike Whitmore – 1st in V70 category 600 points

24) Female Road Runner of the Year (based on the same criteria as the previous category).

This athlete finished 7th in group M with 553 points – the award goes to Belinda Riley

25) Veteran Female Road Runner of the Year (based on the same criteria as the previous category).

Belinda Riley – 3rd in 50-54 category 593 points

27) The ’Founders’ Trophy donated by Alex Montgomery and Arthur Shaw for the best female team.

We had 2 nominations for this award.

*The veteran ladies team were 3rd at the British relay cross country and 2nd at the British Vet 5K road race championships

* The U15 girls team won the Heart of England Division 2 Track and Field league, won gold at the North staffs Cross Country League and won silver at the Staffordshire Cross Country Championships.

The award goes to the U15 girls team.

For Cross country:

  • Sophie Goodfellow
  • Rebecca Twardochleb
  • Charli Egan
  • Lucy Matthews
  • Gabby Trotman
  • Laura Whitehurst
  • Holly Thompson
  • Eleanor Middleton
  • For Track and Field:
  • Chloe Lindop
  • Sophie Goodfellow
  • Rebecca Twardochleb
  • Jasmine Parry
  • Charli Egan
  • Laura Whitehurst
  • Gabby Trotman
  • Olivia Portas
  • Charlotte Burt
  • Lucy Matthews
  • Dilys Grocott
  • Nieve Woolley
  • Amelia Smith

– 29) Most Improved Runner based on comparing results over the last few seasons.

This is the award where we ask the Club members to nominate who they think is the most improved runner in the Club.

This year we received 2 nominations and the Committee felt that both were worthy of winning this award.

The first is a lady who over the past few years has just kept improving. Last year she ran PB’s for 5 miles, 10K and Half marathon (knocking 42 minutes of her previous best).

The second is a man who had a fantastic year last year, running PB’s at for 7 miles, half marathon and the marathon (knocking 16 minutes off his previous best).

The award goes to Wendy Swift and Graham Kemp.

30) Loyalty Award

These awards are for junior members who have consistently attended training and competitions throughout the year. The awards go to Jacob Droogmans, Chloe Lindop and Sophie Goodfellow.

31) Junior Sportsperson of the Year

These awards are given to the junior members who have demonstrated loyalty and sportsmanship to the Club through attendance at training and club competition or work for the Club throughout the year.

Junior Sportsman of the Year (U20) is awarded to someone who has not only represented the Club in races this year but has also completed a Sports Leader course and is training to become a level 2 track official. The award goes to Paul Fradley.

Junior Sportswoman of the Year (U20) is awarded to 2 people. The first has continued to train at the club and represent the Club at races despite being the only girl in her age group. The second has now successfully moved up to the senior age group and is also training to become a level 2 field official. The awards go to Charlotte Dale and Hannah Jones.

33) The ‘Garvie’ Trophy is given to the person or persons who have contributed most to the Club throughout the year in all aspects of the sport. This award is being given to a group of members for their work with the Beginners group.

In November 2011 the idea was raised about the Club starting a Beginners Running Group. 4 members attended a Leadership in Running Fitness course and they started the first Beginners Course in January 2012. It was a resounding success with 22 people joining the course. In March 2012 another 4 members went on the LiRF course. Since then the Club have run beginners groups in May and September 2012 and the current course started in January 2013. The course lasts 10 weeks and the numbers taking part keep growing! Over 30 people who took part in one of the beginners courses have since joined the Club. A big thank you to all the leaders and their helpers who have given up their Monday night runs to make this such a fantastic success. The award goes to the Beginners Running Group Leaders

  • Rebecca Ibbs
  • Belinda Riley
  • Lynne Frith
  • Wendy Swift
  • Michelle Buckle
  • Rachel Tweedie
  • Rachel Condliffe
  • Melanie Evans

34) The ‘Stuart Dunstan Memorial’ is awarded for a person’s service over a period of time, not just one season.

This award is given to a member of the Club who has taken on more and more for the Club over the past few years.

The help that he gives in organising the road race each year is invaluable – he organises all the prizes including designing the mugs, he organises the race numbers, he gets sponsorship for the race, he gets the water for at the finish, he helps set up the course and last but not least he compiles the race results. But this is only the a small part in what he does for the Club – he organises the social evenings (I’m sure everyone who came to the curry evening the other week will agree what a fantastic evening it was!), he is always at the Club doing improvements, he has helped with the beginners group and will be attending the LiRF course in a few weeks, he organised all the trophies for tonight (with the help of Julie) – he is always the first person to volunteer to help.

This award goes to our Club Vice-Chairman, Graham Fletcher.