Our coach-lead sessions are held every Tuesday and Thursday evening at the Ashfield Track, starting at 6.30pm.

All of our coaches are fully qualified and CRB Checked. The club has a clearly defined coaching structure based on UK Athletics guidelines. To underscore our committment to our junior members the club has achieved the Sport England Clubmark award.

Clubmark is a cross-sport quality accreditation for clubs with junior sections and is aimed at developing the skills and optimising the talents of young people, as well as encouraging healthy, active lifestyles. The award recognises that the club holds all the necessary criteria to fulfil its commitment to junior athletics, with qualified coaches, a child welfare officer, and a safe environment in which youngsters can participate in athletics.

If you would like some advice please contact one of our coaches who will be happy to help or email our Club Secretary.

Level 2 Coaches

  • Malcolm Hackney Level 2 Group event coach S,E,A
  • Vic Bevington Level 2 Group event coach S,T,J,E,A
  • Julia Bailey Level 2 Group event coach S,T,J,E,A
  • Wendy Fradley Level 2 Group event coach S,T,J,E,A
  • Martin Bailey Level 2 Group event coach E,A
  • Simon Fradley Level 2 Group event coach S,T,J,E,A

Level 1 Coaches

  • Laura Matthews Level 1 Assistant coach
  • Amy Whitehurst Level 1 Assistant coach
  • Michelle Buckle Level 1 Assistant coach / Leader in Running Fitness
  • Hannah Jones Coaching Assistant
  • Kath Morris Level 1 Assistant coach

Leaders in Running Fitness

  • Paul Fradley Club and Children’s Leader
  • Lynne Frith Leader in Running Fitness
  • Rebecca Ibbs Leader in Running Fitness
  • Belinda Riley Leader in Running Fitness
  • Melanie Young Leader in Running Fitness
  • Rachel Tweedie Leader in Running Fitness
  • Helen Towers Leader in Running Fitness
  • Kat Saunders Leader in Running Fitness


  • Malcolm Hackney Level 2 (Region) – Endurance, RA, HS, Race Adjudicator
  • Simon Fradley Level 2- F, TK, T, HS
  • Wendy Fradley Level 2- F, T, TK, HS
  • Hannah Jones Level 2- F, HS
  • Rebecca Ibbs Level 2 (County)- Endurance, RA, HS
  • Laura Matthews Assistant Official
  • Nicola Lomas Assistant Official
  • Paul Fradley Assistant Official


A number of parents also help out at the training sessions and are gaining coaching experience.

To help us to continue to grow as our club we need additional coaches in all areas of athletics, so if you are interested please come down to the track and see how you could help out.

The club will support you as much as it can in getting you started on the coaching pathway.