2018 Awards


This Years Awards Day took place at Ashfields on Saturday 30th June, the awards were presented by our club president Norman Thompson. The day highlighted what a successful year we’ve had at the club this year and a list of all the winners is in the table below.

Photos courtesy of Ian Goodfellow (more can be found on our Facebook Community Page https://www.facebook.com/groups/27246706533/ )

Track and Field - Under 11 BoyConnell Latham
Track and Field - Under 13 GirlLucy Brownsword
Track and Field - Under 15 GirlZara Hadden
Track and Field - Under 15 BoyElliot Smith
Track and Field - Under 17 BoyJacob Droogmans
Track and Field - Under 17 GirlLizzie Clarkson
Track and Field - Under 20 WomenRebecca Twardochleb
Cross Country - Under 11 BoyDaniel Jones
Cross Country - Under 11 GirlRuby Lovatt
Cross Country - Under 13 BoyCharlie Ranford
Cross Country - Under 13 GirlBeatrice Wakefield
Cross Country - Under 15 GirlMisha Twardochleb/Nadine Tomkinson
Cross Country - Under 15 BoyLewis Nagington
Cross Country - Under 17 GirlLizzie Clarkson
Cross Country - Under 20 ManBen Meir
Cross Country - Under 20 WomanRebecca Twardochleb
Track & Field Medals U/11 - All HofE fixturesConnell Latham
Cross Country Medals U/11 - All NSCCL Ruby Lovatt, Thea Bailey, Evie Worsey, Daniel Jones, Joseph Thorne
Cross Country Medals U/13 - All NSCCL, Staffs, Midlands, National.Lucy Brownsword, Charlie Ranford
Cross Country Medals U/15 - All NSCCL, Staffs, Midlands, National.Misha Twardochleb, Scarlett Cotton, Nadine Tomkinson, Poppy Ranford, Elliot Smith
Cross Country Medals U/17 - All NSCCL, Staffs, Midlands, National.Alex Oakley, Lewis Nagington, Jacob Droogmans
The "Norman Thompson" TrophyJoseph Stevens
The 'Margaret Fowell' TrophyJacob Droogmans/Lewis Nagington
The "Bill Maddocks" TrophyTim Sharman
The "Derek Howarth" TrophyMale - Steven Bailey
Female - Michelle Buckle
The "Ashley" TrophyRebecca Twardochleb
The "Ross" TrophyLewis Nagington
The "Leeke" TrophyRebecca Twardochleb
The "Horton" TrophyMelvin Askey/Bruce Johnson
The "Peter Goodfellow" Awards1st: Tim Twentyman
2nd: Tim Sharman
3rd: Neil Gerrity
Veteran Male XC Runner of the Year 40-49yrsAndy Worsey
Veteran Male XC Runner of the Year 50-59 yrsTim Twentyman
The "Bass" Trophy1st: Rachel Wakefield
2nd: Hannah Jones
3rd: Rebecca Twardochleb
Veteran Female XC Runner of the year 35-44 YearsNicola Brownsword
Veteran Female Road Runner of the year 45+ YearsRachel Wakefield
The "Ansells" TrophyBen Bewley
Veteran Male Road Runner of the year 40-49yrsRob Ibbs
Veteran Male Road Runner of the year 50-59yrsMelvyn Askey
Female Road Runner of the yearMichelle Buckle
Veteran Female Road Runner of the year 35-44 YearsMichelle Buckle
Veteran Female Road Runner of the year 45 +Belinda Riley
The "Founders" TrophyU20 Midlands XC Team Gold - Lucy Matthews/Lauren Charlton/Sophie Goodfellow
The "Presidents" TrophySenior Mens Birmingham League XC team winners
Andy Webster Trophy - Most Improved RunnerAndy Walker/Martyn Davies
Loyalty Award - Boy U/20 Jacob Droogmans
Loyalty Award - Girl U/20Grace Ranford
Junior Sportsman of the YearJordan Nixon
Junior Sportswoman of the yearMisha Twardochleb/Nadine Tomkinson
The Steve Askey Friendship AwardBill Barker
The "Garvie" TrophyRob Haines
The "Stuart Dunstan Memorial"Julia Bailey