Beginner Runners

At present we don’t have a specific course for beginners organised. However, as a club we are very welcoming and will always try to help potential new members by finding someone for them to run with. In the past we’ve organised absolute beginners courses and a 5K-10K course which was very successful.

Do you want to:

  • Lose weight?
  • Get fit?
  • Have fun?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above but are not sure how to get started or don’t want to run on your own then why not come to a our club anyway. For more information please contact us via this website or our Facebook page. Want to know where to find us? Click here to get details of our location. Still not sure you can do it? Then please read Katrina’s story below.

A Beginners Story

“I was inspired by my eldest daughter to start running. She is the most unsporty of my children but over the previous 18 months has done 2 Half marathons. Provoked by other comments that I could not run more than a few miles, I started slowly with one minute runs in October 2009. From January 2011, I started running with Newcastle Athletic running club and encouraged by them to consider a half marathon I have ran more regularly. All members have been very friendly and different runners have ran beside me and my distance and time have gradually increased. Others have ran at other times to continue my training. My deadline became to complete my first half marathon before becoming a Nan (mid- November). Thanks to my half marathon running partner, Julie Fletcher’s, persuasion and cajoling, we completed the Congleton Half Marathon on October 9th in 2 hrs 32 minutes. The sense of achievement was enormous and greater still was the fact that people sponsored me generously to raise £661 for the charity, The Chilli Children Trust, which supports children with disabilities in Uganda. So thank you all at Newcastle AC and I recommend joining a club such as this where people will go at your pace but give the encouragement and belief that you can do more. Katrina”

Course Feedback

This will be the second running of the course this year with the first receiving some great feedback from those who took part: “I have really enjoyed the beginners course and the sense of achievement is unbelievable! I never thought I would be able to run, let alone run 4 miles. The people at the club have been so positive, welcoming, friendly and full of encouragement. Thank you so much, I will certainly recommend to others and look forward to joining the club.” “Excellent… Have thoroughly enjoyed the course. I have achieved more than I expected and would recommend the Beginners course. I think all the coaches involved have been really supportive, friendly and made us all feel very welcome. They are a credit to the group ” “Cant believe the difference 10 weeks can make to your fitness and have the added bonus of making new friends. Thank you ” “The group was really well led by leaders who were kind, helpful and very good at accomodating different abilities. The group were really friendly and good to meet and chat with. The tea after was good too” Your experience can be just as rewarding so please join us!

Beginners Tips

Please click here to view some tips for beginners, from being safe to progressing your training.


Please click here to learn some useful stretches and keep niggles and injuries at bay!