7th & 8th March Results

Wrexham medalStafford 20

Another busy weekend of racing by the red, white and blues. Distances ranging from 5k to the marathon. Well done everyone who ran

Saturday 7th March – Hanley Park Run

PositionGender Positionpark runnerClubRun Time
22Jamie Keith PRINGLENewcastle (Staffs) AC17.32
44Adri HARTVELDNewcastle (Staffs) AC17.39
1616John ALCOCKNewcastle (Staffs) AC21.26
1817Ben BEWLEYNewcastle (Staffs) AC21.33
2927James TAYLORNewcastle (Staffs) AC22.23
333Bethany DAWIDNewcastle (Staffs) AC22.52
4840Steven BAILEYNewcastle (Staffs) AC23.52
6353Ian WILLIAMSNewcastle (Staffs) AC25.03
9377Stephen WOODNewcastle (Staffs) AC27.23
9478Jason BLOUNTNewcastle (Staffs) AC27.24
10988Oliver James CLARKENewcastle (Staffs) AC28.13
11190Andy WORSEYNewcastle (Staffs) AC28.18
12497Thomas WOODNewcastle (Staffs) AC29.08
12729Rachel DEGGNewcastle (Staffs) AC29.32
12899Graham FLETCHERNewcastle (Staffs) AC29.33
14036Julie FLETCHERNewcastle (Staffs) AC30.29
161111Ryan WOODNewcastle (Staffs) AC31.58
16856Nicola STEVENSNewcastle (Staffs) AC32.59

Sunday 8th March – Wrexham 1/2 marathon

Tracey Bagguley1.52.15PB

Sunday 8th March – Wrexham full marathon

Jason Blount4.09.46
Charles Larsson4.24.58

Sunday 8th March – Stafford 20

692.22.24Michelle Buckle3rd lady, 1st V35 and Staffordshire Champion
902.26.09Steven Bailey
1022.27.56Melvyn Askey
1422.36.02Mark Cooper
1832.42.53Simon Jones
2462.53.12James Bailey
2532.54.20Carl Martin
2832.58.14Graham Fletcher
2842.58.19Rachel Degg
3103.04.18Belinda Riley
3463.16.49Lynne Frith

Also at Stafford 20 Newcastles mixed relay team and mens relay team both won. Well all of you and thanks for the shouts on each laps 🙂