Another weekend & more races

Saturday 25th April saw a small team of 10 competing in the Midland Track & Field League in Kidderminister. Full results and photos to follow . . . .


Elsewhere, Martin Bailey was competing in Hoka Highland Fling. It may sound a nice little race but it was actually a 53 MILE ULTRA. Martins gun time was 9:52:21 and chip time 9:52:12


Of course everyone knows Sunday was London marathon but Charles Larsson fresh (or not) from attending the days before track meeting ran Stretford Marathon in 4:14:26 and Tracey Bagguley completed in the half marathon in 1:50:20


Onto London, well after taking a nasty tumble at 15 miles, Graham Fletcher and Rachel Degg were Newcastle first finishers in 3:45:24.

Rachel Degg3:45:24
Graham Fletcher3:45:24
Jason Blount4:09:55
Belinda Riley4:35:41
Maria Bailey4:43:44
Emma Deakes4:43:44


Belinda, Jase & Harriet Graham & Rach