Endurance Challenge Completed!

This months endurance challenge is complete – if you have completed the 13.1 miles, 26.2 miles, or 39.3 miles challenge and would like your award please pay £4 towards the cost to Julia Bailey asap so that we can present the awards at training.

Bronze Half- Marathon Award -13.1 milesMiles ran from March 10th - April 10th 2015
Lauren Cadwgan13.13 miles
Elizabeth Bridgewater13.13 miles
Robbie Cotterill13.25 miles
Matthew Blount13.9 miles
Vladi Drezov15.13 miles
Vesna Drezova15.13 miles
Lucas Bowden15.75 miles
Ruby Ellams16.46 miles
Amber Clarke16.75 miles
Emma Shufflebotham17 miles
Nieve Woolley17.38 miles
Megan Sturge17.9 miles
Abbie Meakin18.16 miles
Lily Meakin20.26 miles
Lucy Matthews20.9 miles
Jacob Holdcroft21 miles
Dylan Taylor22.1 miles
Abigail McHugh23.15 miles
Silver Marathon Award - 26.2 milesMiles ran from March 10th - April 10th 2015
Misha Twardochleb26.25 miles
Alex Oakley26.56 miles
Nathan Holdcroft27.6 miles
Ryan Woods27.6 miles
Thomas Woods28.85 miles
Tyler Bacciochi29.25 miles
Mathilde Wakefield31.97 miles
Louis Wakefield32.08 miles
Sophie Goodfellow32.5 miles
Scarlet Cotton34.13 miles
Beatrice Wakefield34.22 miles
Courtney Bridgewood34.52 miles
Abigail Bailey35.25 miles
Shannon McCue35.84 miles
Gold Ultra Marathon Award - 39.3 milesMiles ran from March 10th - April 10th 2015
Jessica Longley41.8 miles
Jordan Nixon46.7 miles
Lola Cotton56.23 miles
Jacob Droogmans59.85 miles