Heart of England Track & Field League Fixture 3 – 8/7/2018

On Sunday a large team of our juniors took part in the third and final Heart of England Track and Field League Division 2 match at Worcester. We had more athletes in all but one age group, with our juniors rallying to try and stay in the division. There were great performances throughout the day with several PB’s and lots of close events taking place. Thanks must go once again to the club for subsidising the coach which allows so many of our juniors to compete. Thank you too to all the officials, coaches, parents, supporters and to Julia as Team Manager who have supported our juniors so enthusiastically over the season.



Following placing 6th and 8th at the first two fixtures it was always going to be a hard task to avoid relegation and despite an improved turnout we finished in 8th once more to confirm our relegation to Division 3 for next season. Our lack of numbers in a couple of the age groups proved decisive when competing against this level of competition. Looking to bounce back next season!

Results of the third Fixture:

U/11 Boys
HowlerGeorge Brownsword20.58 m6thChristian Jones14.38 m6th
Long JumpOliver Woodward3.46 m4thHarry Ibbs2.80 m7th
600 MOliver Woodward2.01.0 mins6thHarry Ibbs2.17.2 mins7th
75mCharlie Smith13.2 secs8thChristian Jones13.2 secs7th
600 M NSCharlie Smith2.13.9 mins4thGeorge Brownsword1:18.1 mins4th
75 M NSOliver Woodward11.6 secs2ndGeorge Brownsword13.4 secs5th
U/13 Boys
HIGH JUMPJoseph Stevens1.25 m4th
800 MJoseph Stevens2.40.5 mins1stConnell Latham2.53.0 mins4th
75 M HURDLESDaniel Jones16.3 secs6thHarrison Everard17.4 secs2nd
JavelinConnell Latham11.90 m7thCharlie Ranford9.62 m5th
100 MElliot Sharman16.5 secs8thHarrison Everard 16.7 secs7th
ShotCharlie Ranford5.34 m6thHarrison Everard3.85 m5th
Long JumpDaniel Jones3.43 m8thElliot Sharman2.18 m7th
200 MJoseph Stevens30.3 secs6thConnell Latham33.4 secs6th
1500 MCharlie Ranford5.43.6 mins6thDaniel Jones5.29.4 mins4th
4 x 100 M RelayNewcastle (Staffs) AC62.8 secs7th
U/15 Boys
Long JumpJared Brown3.97 m7thLouis Wakefield3.69 m3rd
800 MRichard Shumilin3.16.3 mins7thHarry Leech2.51.0 mins3rd
Shot PutRichard Shumilin6.80 m3rd
JavelinKai Wetton23.19 m3rdRichard Shumilin10.89 m3rd
100 MJared Brown13.9 m8thKai Wetton14.8 secs5th
300 MLouis Wakefield44.5 secs3rdHarry Leach43.9 secs1st
200 MJared Brown28.2 secs6thKai Wetton31.2 secs6th
1500 MLouis Wakefield4.57.4 mins3rd
4 x 100 M RelayNewcastle (Staffs) AC56.7 mins6th
U/17 Men
Shot PutElliot Smith4.41 m8th
800 MLewis Nagington2.06.4 mins1st
400 MLewis Nagington55.6 secs4thElliot Smith88.5 secs5th
200 MElliot Smith42.0 secs7th
1500 MLewis Nagington4.27.1 mins1st
U/11 Girls
HowlerSamantha Pattyson20.15 m2ndAlex Sutton13.95 m5th
Long JumpSamantha Pattyson3.05 m4thMaise Alcock
2.63 m5th
600 MSamantha Pattyson2.21.0 mins5thMaise Alcock
2.21.9 mins6th
600 M NSAlex Sutton2.13.8 mins
75 MAlex Sutton13.0 secs8thMaise Alcock13.1 secs5th
4 x 100 M RelayNewcastle (Staffs) AC70.6 secs7th
U/13 Girls
1500 MBeatrice Wakefield5.52.2 mins4thLucy Brownsword6.24.8 mins4th
70 M HURDLESLucy Brownsword17.3 secs5thMathilde Wakefield18.5 secs4th
800 MOlivia Tipping3.02.6 mins5thMathilde Wakefield3.11.6 mins4th
HIGH JUMPMolly Ibbs1.05 m5th
100 MGrace Egan16.2 secs8thMaia Dilling17.8 secs8th
Long JumpBeatrice Wakefield3.55 m3rdGrace Egan2.73 m7th
200 MBeatrice Wakefield30.4 secs5thMolly Ibbs34.7 secs6th
SHOTLucy Brownsword4.84 m4thMaia Dilling4.18 m3rd
JavelinMathilde Wakefield10.95 m7thOlivia Tipping9.61 m3rd
4 x 100 M RelayNewcastle (Staffs) AC65.5 secs6th
U/15 Girls
1500 MPoppy Ranford5.50.9 mins5thLily Stevens6.17.7 mins5th
75 M HurdlesElla Opatunde31.5 secs6th
Long JumpRuby Bryant2.90 m7th
100 MElla Opatunde16.10 secs8thRuby Bryant15.4 secs7th
300 MPoppy Ranford52.9 secs7thLily Stevens52.9 secs4th
ShotLily Stevens4.70 m8thPoppy Ranford4.25 m5th
4 x 100 M RelayNewcastle (Staffs) AC62.4 secs7th
1500 MElizabeth Clarkson5.14.0 mins2ndMisha Twardochleb5.27.0 mins1st
JavelinAmy Jackson18.93 m3rdZara Hadden11.55 m2nd
80 m HurdlesScarlett Cotton17.5 secs3rdNadine Tomkinson18.6 secs1st
800 MNadine Tomkinson2.42.9 mins4thScarlett Cotton2.45.1 mins2nd
ShotAmy Jackson7.22 m4thZara Hadden 6.11 m1st
100 MElizabeth Clarkson15.4 secs8thCheryl Everard16.5 secs6th
300 MMisha Twardochleb48.0 secs7thScarlett Cotton52.1 secs6th
200 MElizabeth Clarkson32.5 secs8thMisha Twardochleb30.7 secs4th
Long JumpAmy Jackson3.37 m4thZara Hadden3.22 m2nd
4 x 100 M RelayNewcastle (Staffs) AC60.3 secs6th