Midland Autumn Road Relay Championships – 25/9/21

Yesterday saw 46 of our athletes competing at the Midlands Road Relay Championships at Sutton Park. Congratulations to everyone who took part and/or supported, a great club event and some fantastic runs throught the teams and age groups against the very top teams from the across the Midlands. Top team performance on the day came from our Masters Men’s A Team who narrowly missed out on a Midlands bronze by just 12 seconds after just over 2 hours of racing 🔴⚪️🔵

Thanks to Matt Way for the Photo.

Tim – 6th Fastest Mens Masters athlete on the day


U/13 BoysPositionTime
James Davies(26)16:34
George Brownsword(22)18:00
U/13 Girls – 21st 53:54
Tilly Thursfield(29)18:50
Emily Wintle(20)16:37
Samantha Pattyson(21)18:27
U/15 Boys – 31st 50:44
Elliot Sharman(28)16:29
Ewan Molyneux(31)18:20
U/15 Girls – 32nd 1:00:09
Hannah Royse (25)(25)17:04
Caitlin Taylor(35)21:21
Evie Worsey(32)21:44
U/17 Men – 24th 44:50
Joseph Stevens(28)14:36
Benjamin Watkin(27)15:35
Charlie Ranford(24)14:39
U/17 Men
Bradley Shields(36)17:14
Harrison Everard(34)17:35
U/17 Women – 17th 51:19
Molly Ibbs(26)17:21
Sienna Phillips(20)16:21
Libby Andrzejewski(17)17:37
U/17 Women
Lucy Brownsword(28)18:01
Holly Cooper(27)19:30
Senior Women – 30th 1:14:18
Rebecca Twardochleb(11)15:41
Misha Twardochleb(49)21:42
Jade Watson(35)17:58
Scarlett Cotton(30)18:57
Senior Women – 71st 1:28:36
Maxine Bickerton(64)19:27
Susan Twardochleb(85)22:43
Amanda White(81)23:56
Cheryl Everard(72)22:30
Senior Men – 66th 2:22:56
Jacob Droogmans(49)20:36
Lewis Nagington(50)20:58
Andrew Sproson(59)23:34
Martin Bailey(57)23:25
Michael Rogalski(66)27:57
Matt Way(66)26:26
Masters Men – 4th 2:08:52
Tim Sharman(3)20:00
Craig Taylor(3)20:36
Jerome Stevens(3)22:00
Tim Twentyman(4)22:02
Andrew Brownsword(4)22:48
Andrew Walker(4)21:26
Masters Men
Jonathan Ranford(15)23:39
Andy Worsey(21)29:31
Mark Cotton(17)25:08
Pab Maddox(16)26:15
Neil Regnauld(17)29:17