Midlands Track and Field League 2nd June 2018 @ Hereford

Last Saturday saw the second fixture in this years Midland Track & Field League Division 6 competition held at Hereford. Following our second place at the first fixture last month we went into this event with real hope of consolidating our position in the top two promotion positions. The club were represented by the following Athletes and Officials; William Lovatt, Kevin Oakley, Elliot Smith, Lewis Nagington, Jacob Droogmans, Mark Cotton, Martin Bailey, Charles Larsson, Joel Clews, Darren Smith, Brian Tomkinson, Amy Jackson, Zara Haddon, Rebecca Twardochleb, Misha Twardochleb, Alex Oakley, Scarlett Cotton, Nadine Tomkinson, Lucy Matthews, Elizabeth Clarkson, Julia Bailey, Rachel Wakefield, Laura Matthews, Sue Twardochleb and Paul Wakefield.

Just some of the winning team that represented us at Hereford
Just some of the winning team that represented us at Hereford

As a team we performed really well, some great performances, with our T&F debutants coming into the team to earn really valuable points to help the team secure victory on the day! We finished with 389 points, with the winners of the previous fixture Banbury Ac in second with 342 points. After 2 fixtures we are in equal 1st place with 15 League points, the next fixture is on Saturday 7th July at Nuneaton and we have one or two events on the team sheet to fill due to holidays etc… so if you can help the club, either competing or officiating (no qualifications needed) then please let Team Manager Julia Bailey know as soon as possible. Congratulations to everybody that represented the club.


EVENTA PositionNamePerformanceB PositionNamePerformance
100m6thWilliam Lovatt12.4 secs6thKevin Oakley15.8 secs
200m7thWilliam Lovatt25.4secs5thElliot Smith32.7 secs
400m2ndLewis Nagington55.0 secs4thKevin Oakley 72.6 secs
800m4thJacob Droogmans2.12.2 mins3rdElliot Smith2.26.8 mins
1500m1stLewis Nagington4.34.6 mins3rdMark Cotton5.34.1mins
3000m3rdJacob Droogmans9.56.3 mins4thMartin Bailey12.29.9 mins
3000m S/C2nd Charles Larsson16.06.9
Long Jump5thJoel Clews5.03 m4thWilliam Lovatt3.92 m
Triple Jump
High Jump
Pole Vault
Shot Putt7thMark Cotton6.91 m4thCharles Larsson6.26 m
Discus6thDarren Smith15.37 m4thCharles Larsson14.10 m
Hammer4thBrian Tomkinson19.03 m4thCharles Larsson14.45 m
Javelin4thMark Cotton25.48 m6thDarren Smith13.03 m
4x100 m RelayDNF
4x400 m Relay3rd4.07.6
100m5thAmy Jackson14.9 secs3rdZara Hadden16.2 secs
200m 4thRebecca Twardochleb27.8 secs3rdMisha Twardochleb30.4 secs
400m1stRebecca Twardochleb661.4 secs1stAlex Oakley65.5 secs
100m Hurdles3rdScarlett Cotton22.3 secs2ndZara Hadden23.5 secs
400m Hurdles1stScarlett Cotton77.2 secs1stNadine Tomkinson80.8 secs
800m1stAlex Oakley2.33.2 mins1stMisha Twardochleb2.40.7 mins
1500m1stRebecca Twardochleb4.50.0 mins1stLucy Matthews5.04.1 mins
3000m2nd Elizabeth Clarkson12.03.9 mins1stNadine Tomkinson12.24.5 mins
Long Jump6thZara Hadden3.51 m4thAmy Jackson2.65 m
Triple Jump2ndMisha Twardochleb8.85 m1st Amy Jackson8.24 m
High Jump4thNadine Tomkinson1.30 m
Shot Putt7thJulia Bailey m5thRachel Wakefield5.02 m
Discus7thJulia Bailey12.08 m5thRachel Wakefield11.11 m
Hammer7thJulia Bailey12.35 m4thRachel Wakefield11.13 m
Javelin6thJulia Bailey11.96 m5thAmy Jackson4.71 m
4x100m3rd59.9 secs
4x400m1st4.33.3 mins
Match PositionsTeamPoints
1Newcastle (Staffs) AC389
2Banbury AC342
3Kettering Town H261
4Hereford & County AC256
4Team Shrewsbury256
6Forest of Dean AC253
7Tamworth B245
8Nuneaton Harriers141