Results Update

The last few months have seen several virtual events and a few real road, trail, track and Ultra races returning – well done to all our members who have taken part in the different races, theres been some great results! If you do take part in a race please let us know and we can give you your recognition on the club website !

Road Races

RunThrough Tatton 10km – 9th August 2020

131stMichael Rogalski47.47

RunThrough Tatton 10km – 13th September 2020

146thJade Watson45:05
286thWill Chung50:49
354thAlex Shingler53:12
641stChris Roberts1:08:42

Virtual Races

Virtual Westbridge 5

1stCraig Taylor26.52
2ndBen Bewley27.30
17thMatt Robinson32.35
31stRob Irving34.33
54thJohn Munton-Davies38.35
70thNigel Lee42.04
1stMens Team🔴⚪️🔵

Virtual South Cheshire 20

2ndCraig Taylor2:06:29
3rdBen Bewley2:11:54
26thKat Saunders3:03:37
29thMichelle Buckle3:14:03

Virtual Clayton 10k

3rdBen Bewley36.08
4thCraig Taylor36.49
16thMichelle Buckle41.45
32nd Rob Irving46.18
46thJohn Munton-Davies52.36
52ndNigel Lee54.59
2nd Mens Team🔴⚪️🔵

Virtual Air Products 10k

2ndCraig Taylor34.32
3rdBen Bewley35.35
16thMichelle Buckle40.48
30thRob Irving46.10
49thNigel Lee51.50

Virtual Stone 5

4th Craig Taylor27.39
7thBen Bewley28.11
22ndMatt Robinson32.22
25thMichelle Buckle32.33
53rdRob Irving36.37
70thJohn Munton-Davies39.00
87thNigel Lee41.34
152ndChris Roberts53.48
1stMens Team🔴⚪️🔵

Virtual Dave Clarke 5k

3rdBen Bewley16.51
5thCraig Taylor17.51
16thJon Ranford19.10
17thMatt Robinson19.17
23rdMichelle Buckle19.56
31stRob Irving20.43
60thJohn Munton-Davies23.56
68thNigel Lee25.01
133rdChris Roberts33.17
1stMens Team🔴⚪️🔵

Virtual Trentham 10k

3rdBen Bewley35.17
5thCraig Taylor36.50
23rdMatt Robinson41.38
26thMichelle Buckle41.50
42ndRob Irving45.32
47thNathan Walton46.50
64thNigel Lee53.17
74thJohn Munton-Davies56.11
122ndJon Kemp1:12.13
126thGemma Hall1:14.07
2ndMens Team🔴⚪️🔵

Virtual Leek Half Marathon

2ndBen Bewley1:20.06
16thMichelle Buckle1:31.47
27thNathan Walton1:38.20
29thMatt Robinson1:38.52
39thRob Irving1:43.19
68thNigel Lee2:13.27
92ndChris Roberts2:40.58
3rdMens Team🔴⚪️🔵

Virtual Cheadle 4

4thBen Bewley22:37
6thPaul Tatler23.01
7thCraig Taylor23.23
15thAndrew Walker24.34
20thShaun Haddrell25.30
25thJon Ranford25.55
29thMatt Robinson26.19
31stMichelle Buckle26.20
58thMark Roberts28.13
89thRob Irving29.31
93rdNathan Walton29.41
129thJohn Munton-Davies33.16
140thNigel Lee34.09
149thKerry Marchant35.08
159thRichard Longley36.07
208thGraham McLachlan40.36
228thChris Roberts44.20
Charli Weller52.38
Dylan Marchant36.19
1stMens Team🔴⚪️🔵
3rdMens Team🔴⚪️🔵
11thMens team🔴⚪️🔵

St Thomas Virtual 10km

3rdBen Bewley36.15
16thJon Ranford40.43
21stMatt Robinson41.12
27thMichelle Buckle42.08
34thAndrew Vickerman44.36
48thJade Watson46.27
56thRob Irving48.02
65thAlex Shingler49.16
80thJohn Munton-Davies51.07
91stNigel Lee53.21
139thGraham McLachlan1:05.24
146thSue Kirby1:07.19
148thGemma Woodcock1:07.56
152ndChris Roberts1:12.00
169thCharli Weller1:19.00

Track & Field

11th Aug800m4th CJames FradleyStretford1:52.68
22nd Aug3000m4th 1Ben BreretonStretford9:45.43PB
23rd Aug1500m4thRebecca TwardochlebNuneaton4:51.54
25th Aug800m3rd AJames FradleyStretford1:53.78
30th Aug400m2nd 6James FradleyNuneaton 51.37
30th Aug 1500m8th 3Ben BreretonNuneaton4:19.00PB
15th Sept800m6th AJames FradleyStretford1:52.00

Ultra Marathon

Gritstone Grind 35 Miles

9thAdam Tyson6:03:22
99thJames Ibbs9:20:03

Hardmoors 110 Miles

51stDan Walker33:24:36

If you take part in a race please remember to put your 🔴⚪️🔵 club down and let us know the results and we can give you your recognition on the club website !