Catton 12 Hour Backyard Ultra – 8/5/21

A soggy Saturday 8th May saw 10 members take on a new event held at Catton Park, home of the Thunder Run. The idea was to run a 6.7km trail lap on the hour, every hour, twelve times in what can only be politely described as Wet and Muddy Conditions!

Based on the backyard race format, the Catton12 was billed as a true test of running endurance, skill and tactics.  When the race starts competitors have one hour to complete a lap and be back ready to start the next lap, which begins exactly one hour later.  If a runner misses the cut off time, they are eliminated from the race. The race continues for 12 laps. If there is only one runner left on course for the final lap they must complete the route in under an hour to be crowned the winner.  If there is more than one runner left for the final lap the winner is the first over the line on that final circuit.  Anyone that completes all 12 laps will have covered 80km/50miles. Well done to all 10 members and thanks to all the supporters for your encouragement

122ndTim Sharman
9th Jerome Stevens
17th Chris Nixon
25thDan Walker
10Jon Ranford
9Cheryl Everard
Martin Bailey
8Andrew Brownsword
6Matthew Killeen
5James Ibbs