Covid-19 and Memberships renewal

Membership Renewal 2020-2021Membership Fees are due for the year 1st April 2020 – 31st March 2021.
Due to the unprecedented times we are facing with the Covid-19 pandemic resulting in the club being closed for training until further notice the Management Committee of Newcastle (Staffs) AC have voted to postpone the collection of membership fees which were due on 1st April 2020. You will still remain members of the club but fees will not be due until the club re-opens for training. At this point a pro-rata fee will be payable and the membership fees will be reduced by the number of months the club has remained closed.

All members with an active England Athletics Affiliation Number should have received the following information directly from England Athletics.

How does this affect me as a member of Newcastle (Staffs) AC?

The club’s own affiliation to England Athletics for £150 per year will be paid as usual by 30th April by our Club Treasurer Nicola Brownsword.

Individual Athlete Affiliation Fee is to remain at £15 (the £1 increase will not take place).

Individual Athletes usually have until the 30th June to renew England Athletics Numbers, at which point the EA number becomes inactive if payment isn’t made. This is done by on your behalf when you pay your membership fees by our membership secretary Tracey Johnson Knowles. This deadline has been extended to August 31st so last years EA Numbers will remain active for a little longer allowing Athletes to enter future competitions, retain the benefit of reduced race entry costs and retain all other benefits of EA affiliation. This cost is not pro-rata and is set as £15 for the remainder of the year unless England Athletics decide otherwise.

New members for 2020-2021 and members who have already paid their membership will have the £15 payment to England Athletics processed by our membership secretary and a refund of the £1 extra for the England Affiliation Fee already paid will be due along with the refund for the reduced yearly membership fee. 

Any current member who wishes to resign from the club is able to do so from today. Club transfers take place via your Individual EA portal. Any member wishing to resign, please would you do so by e-mail to our membership secretary Tracey at: Your details will then be officially removed from our data base and you won’t receive any further e-mails from the club. To any members not remaining part of the Newcastle (Staffs) AC Running Family we wish you the very best with your future running.

The club will let you know when we are able to re-open. At that point we will set the membership fees for the remainder of the membership year and process any refunds due. If you have any further queries please contact the club: 
Malcolm Hackney: Club Chair/Secretary at   
Tracey Johnson Knowles: Membership Secretary at

The Management Committee would like to thank you for your continuing membership this coming year and looks forward to welcoming you back to training and racing at the club as soon as possible. Thanks to all our Volunteers Coaches, Run Leaders,  Race Officials, Track and Field Officials, Committee Members and everyone else for their work on behalf of the Club during the past year. 

Please continue to keep an eye on the club website and facebook page for further updates. Stay safe everyone, whether self-isolating, social distancing, working from home or one of our Nation’s Key workers. Continue to enjoy the physical and mental benefits of your running as long as you can whilst conforming to the current Government Guidelines. 

Julia Bailey. 
On behalf of The Management Committee of Newcastle (Staffs) AC.