N Staffs Cross Country Race 3 @ Parkhall – 26/11/2019

NSCCL 3rd Fixture at Parkhall 26th November 2019.
It was a damp day at Parkhall, the course was quite muddy in places, but nevertheless Newcastle (Staffs) AC had a brilliant turnout of keen Juniors.
First to go was U11 Girls and they ran an impressive 1,800m. Samantha Pattyson was our first runner in finishing in 10th position (8.52), 49th Maisie Alcock (10.54), 58th Summer Taylor (12.01).
This leaves the U11 Girls Team in 10th position with an overall 192 points. Well done to you all.
Next were the U13 girls running 2,300m Evie Worsey was the first girl finishing in 13th position (10.45), 14th Olivia Tipping finishing the same time (10.45), 17th Grace Egan (11.00). Great teamwork girls Well Done. U13 Girls team are 4th Position with an overall 179 points.
The U15 Girls there was a good turnout running 2,700m with Molly Ibbs finishing in 4th position (11.08), 6th Lucy Brownsword (11.23), closely followed by Beatrice Wakefield 7th (11.29), 14th Matilda Wakefield (12.45), 17th Holly Cooper (13.13).
U15 Girls are in a fine 1st place with an overall 116 points. Well Done to all of you.
U17 Women’s Team ran 3.000m we had Nadine Tomkinson finishing strong in 3rd position (10.50) just 18 seconds behind the winner, 7th Misha Twardochleb (11.38), 10th Scarlett Cotton (12.00).
Well Done ladies this puts the U17 Women’s Team in 2nd place with 54 points overall, Great team effort.

Next were our young boys and men’s team again we had a really good turnout of club runner’s.
First team to run were U11 Boys with 8 in attendance running 2,300m, Corey Ellis was 1st (8.39) Well Done Corey. 4th George Brownsword (9.09), 15th Jay Marchant (9.42), 16th Jacob Nevard (9.45), 19th James Davies (9.53), 21st Harry Ibbs (9.56), 29th Lucas Nevard (10.28), 32nd Kobie Burton (10.41).U11 Boys team are 1st place in the league with 87 points overall Well Done to all of you. U13 Boys next running 2,700m with Michael Foster 5th (10.25), 7th William Tomkinson (10.36), 13th Oliver Woodward (11.10), 16th Connell Latham (11.19), 18th George Smyth (11.36), 27th Elliott Sharman (12.23). Well Done Everyone U13 boys are at present in 3rd place. In the U15 Boys there were 3 running 3,000m and Dylan Marchant was 9th (11.25), 12th Ben Killeen (11.42), 21st Noah Latham (14.07). Brilliant running by all which puts them in 3rd place 100 points overall. U17 Men’s team we had 3 fine athletes running an impressive 5,200m Elliott Smith came in at 3rd position (19.53) Well Done Elliott 7th Louis Wakefield (20.56), 16th Thomas Mogg (23.40). Our U17 Men’s team are in 3rd place with an overall 100 points. Well Done young men Great teamwork.

Report by Nadine Tomkinson

Photos courtesy of Brian Dale www.racephotos.org.uk

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