North Staffs XC League Race 1 @ Winsford – 28th September 2019

North Staffs Cross Country League at Winsford – Saturday 28th September 2019 Junior Report

There were sunshine and showers at the first race of the north staffs cross country league at Winsford which made it very wet and slippy underfoot as the races went on. Newcastle (Staffs) AC had a grand total of 41 Juniors running at the event.

Thomas on his way to 23rd in the U/17 Mens Race

The first race of the day was the U11 Girls, running a small loop which was 1.5km .We had 3 girls running in the race, the team finished 5th with 53 points.The first finisher was Samantha Pattyson in 9th (7.12), next in Alex Sutton in 13th (7.17) and Maisie Alcock in 31st (7.53). Well done girls , great running.

The next race up was U13 Girls and U11 Boys this race was combined, running a medium loop which was 2.1km. In the boys race we had 7 boys running and the team came in 5th place with 47 points. The first boy to come in was George Brownsword in 11th (9.03), closely followed by Christian Jones in 17th (9.08), Jacob Nevard 19th (9.14), Harry Ibbs 25th (9.31), James Davies 28th (9.36), Lucas Nevard 30th (9.38), and Kobie Burton 38th (10.10). Well done boys brilliant running by all. In the girls race we had 5 girls running, the team came 5th with 81 points.The first girl to come in was Ayah Burton in 24th ( 9.57), who was closely followed by Olivia Tipping in 28th (10.06), only one second behind was Grace Egan in 29th (10.07), Evive Worsey 33rd (10.26) and Caitlin Talylor 43rd (11.04). Well done girls, amazing running.

The next race was the combined U13 Boys and U15 Girls, running a small loop and a medium loop which was around 2.6km. In the boys team they were positioned 6th with 66 points,The first boy to come in was Daniel Jones 16th (14.59), one second behind was William Tomkinson in 17th (15.00), next was George Smyth 33rd (15.57), and just a couple of seconds behind was Michael Foster in 34th (16.02), Connell Latham 43rd (16.50), Daniel Armstrong 45th (17.07), and Elliot Sharman 49th (17.39). Well done boys, great running. In the girls race the team came 6th with 55 points.The first finisher was Molly Ibbs in 8th (15.14), next in was Lucy Brownsword 21st (16.45), Beatrice Wakefield 26th (17.41),and Holly Cooper 30th (18.12). Well done girls great running.

The U15 Boys and U17 Women were up next and their course was two medium loops which was 4.1km . In the U15 Boys the team came 7th with 60 points, The first finisher was Charlie Ranford in 14th in (16.43), next was Tyler Davison 17th in (16.55), Joseph Stevens 29th in (18.04), Dylan Marchant 41st in (20.36), Harrison Everard 43rd in (21.46) and Noah Latham 45th in (23.31). Well done boys , brilliant running by all. In the U17 women’s race there were 5 girls running and the team came 2nd with 17 points, The first finisher was Nadine Tomkinson who got 2nd in (16.55) only 10 seconds behind the winner, next in was Poppy Ranford 6th in (18.22) , Scarlett Cotton 9th in (18.47), Lilly Stevens 13th in (20.44),and Sophie Wood 14th in (20.46). Well done girls excellent running and great teamwork by all.

The next race was the U17 Men and U20 women these were combined with the Senior Women , the course they had to do was two large laps which was about 5km. In the U17 Men we had 3 men running the course the team came 4th with 38 points, The first runner to come in was Elliot Smith he ran really well throughout the race and ended up in 4th position in (19.42), next in was Louis Wakefield with 11th in (20.37), and Thomas Mogg who came in 23rd in a time of (23.06). In the U20 women we had 2 runner Elizabeth Clarkson and Grace Ranford, First in was Elizabeth Clarkson who was 16th overall but 2nd junior women in a time of (22.48), Grace Ranford was next in an overall position of 40th and she came 3rd in the junior women in a time of (24.59). Well done to all of you, amazing performances by all.

In the U20 men’s race which was combined in the senior men’s race , the course was 3 large laps which was 8km in the U20 men’s race we had 2 runners , Lewis Nagington and Jacob Droogmans. First finisher was Lewis Nagington who finished 9th overall and 4th in the Junior men’s race in a time of (29.57). Next in was Jacob Droogmans who was 26th overall and he was 9th in the Junior men’s race in a time of (31.12). Well done Lewis and Jacob amazing efforts and good times.
Well done all of the runners who have competed at Winford. Photo Courtesy of Matt Way.
The next North Staffs cross country fixture is at Stafford Common on the 26th of October. Hope we see all or more juniors attending the next few fixtures for Newcastle (Staffs) AC.

Report by

Nadine Tomkinson