N Staffs XC Race 1 – 28/9/2019

North Staffs Cross Country League at Winsford- Saturday 28th September 2019 Senior Report

Our Junior, Senior and Veteran ladies teams were running an impressive 5k around 2 large laps Sophie Goodfellow crossed the finished line in a fine 3rd position (21:11), closely followed by Rebecca Twardochleb in 5th (21:53), 7th Kerry Marchant (22:16), 16th (2nd JW) Elizabeth Clarkson (22:48), 40th (3rd JW) Grace Ranford (24:59), 52nd Sarah Bayliss (25:29), 73rd Olivia Cunningham (26:14), 77th Teresa Dunning (26:37), 78th Maxine Bickerton (26:42), 83rd Carey Dyer (27:00 ), 88th Rachel Wakefield (27:24), 106th Jan Cassidy (28:34), 111th Cheryl Everard (28:54), 116th Susan Twardochleb (29.04), 122nd Michaela Cunningham (29:38), 126th Helen Ranford (29:51), 132nd Pascal Wrigley (30:13), 143rd Tonia Vernon (31:06), 144th Sharon Tomkinson (31:10), 146th Rachel Tripeski (31:24), 165th Amanda Nevade (32:43), 174th Nicola Brownsword (33:13), 180th Rebecca Siery (33:30), 188th Stacy Sharman (34:08), 195th Belinda Riley (34:37), 199th Kerry Taylor (35:12), 203rd Tracey Johnson Knowles (35:45), 215th Rebecca Stokes (37.30), 216th Stephanie Nagington (37:55) and 228th Julia Bailey (42:58). Well done to all our ladies for some fantastic running and supporting Newcastle (Staffs) AC, After the first race we are in 1st position in Division 1 with 31 points

Sophie - on her way to a 3rd place finish
Sophie – on her way to a 3rd place finish

In the Junior, Senior and Veteran men’s teams (running a challenging 8k around 3 large laps), we had Lewis Nagington running a strong race finishing in an overall position of 9th and 1st JM (29.57), next was Jacob Droogmans 2nd JM (31:12), 29th Ian Bayliss (31:19), 38th Tim Sharman (31:38), 45th Bruce Johnson (32:00), 54th Matthew Basnett (32:22), 61st Andy Walker (33:02), 62nd Ben Brereton (33:13), 66th Craig Taylor (33:23), 76th Scott Zikmanis (33:50), 128th Mark Cresswell (36:12), 131st Andrew Brownsword (36:21), 133rd Martyn Davies (36:25), 146th Jonathon Ranford (37:05), 189th Martin Bailey (39:21), 190th Peter Morgan (39:26), 193rd Stuart Cassidy (39:37), 199th Karl Everard (39:55), 219th Matt Way (40:54), 221st Pab Maddox (41:02), 226th Mark Kelsall (41:31), 227th Kevin Davison (41:32), 255th James Ibbs (43:52), 262nd Alex Shingler (45:02) and 283rd Chris Roberts (54:19). Well done to all the Men’s teams for their brilliant running and again for supporting Newcastle (Staffs) AC. After the first race we are in 2nd position with 201 points in Division 1.

Hopefully we will see you all again at our 2nd NSCCL fixture at Stafford Common on 26th October 2019. Thank you to everyone involved. Thanks to matt Way for the photo.

Report by

Sharon Tomkinson